Sunday, 14 September 2014

Heavy Distressed Pie Crust Table Step By Step And The Hand Made Fair

Thanks for stopping by,Mark here and  I'm sharing a quick Step by Step for this heavily distressed Pie Crust table accented with numbers from De Stempelwinkel.

You will need:
A table, this came from my local Red Cross, Decoart Chalk Finish paints, Romance,Carbon and Delicate, Decoart Soft Touch Varnish and a small electric sander and some stamps.

With the Decoart chalk paints there is no need to prime or strip the surface you are going to work on unless it is lose or flaky. In my case the old wax's or varnishes on this table were lose and very built up.
Using the electric sander I took the worst of it off to leave a nice smooth surface.

I wanted as nice strong red for my base so two coats of Romance were applied and once dry the electric sander came back out.

One thin coat of Delicate was applied and then some more sanding back.

I wanted to add a little detail to the top of the table. I used my number stamps from De Stempelwinkel and stamped with the Carbon Chalk Paint.


The chalk paint gives a brilliant impression, spread out a thin layer of paint onto your craft mat. When stamping with numbers or letters I like to use an acrylic block with a grid on it to help keep things straight.
I also used some stencil tape to give me a straight line to stamp up to.

A little sanding back once dry just to take the starkness away.
A couple of coats of soft touch varnish from the chalk paint line gives the table a lovely soft finish that is very durable.

One piece down lots more to paint so I can be ready for the Hand Made Fair On the 19,20,21 September.

I will be there with Andy Skinner on behalf of Decoart, We will have the Chalk Paints available to buy along with the stencils and brushes, I will be demonstrating with the paints and I will also have lots of pieces of furniture available for ideas.
If you make it to the show please come and say hi, it would be great to see you..


  1. 19,20,21are great numbers (1,2 and 3)!

    Too far for me to visit so hope the days go really well, the DecoArt paints are amazing so won't be surprised if you sell out!

    Looking forward to your blog post recalling your adventures. Great table it's very cool:-) x

  2. Oh i definitely love your table. I'm always surprised again, how a little bit paint can change something from trash to an eyecatcher with new life. Have a great time at the show! :)

  3. The table came out great. Love the hot red peeking through. Hope you have a great time at the Hand Made Fair! x

  4. Fab new table Mark!! Love the make-over! Best wishes on your show! I know you'll be a hit! ")