Wednesday 22 October 2014

Le Table Noir ;)

So how is everyone doing? Now I know things have been a little on the quiet side recently but I have a good reason honest, We are about to buy our first house and things have been manic on that front, I was also kept very busy last month prepping for the hand made fair at Hampton Court.
More on the event to follow latter but a big thank you to all who made it out, the Decoart Chalk paint and stencils went down an absolute storm and I was kept busy demoing for the 3 days non stop.
Now talking about the stencils I have used two of the Decoart stencils for my little pie crust coffee table.
The distressed harlequin and the Cafe Paris stencil.

It seems that plain black seems to be trending at the moment for the shabby chic'ers and I am not upset about that being a fan of all things gothic so I thought I would give my take on the colour scheme using the Carbon black as my base and my stencilled details with Relic.
The table started of like this.

A totally ordinary charity shop find, very uninspiring and ugly looking plain table.

The table has been finished with a couple of coats of Decoarts clear wax. This really brings the colours to life with an almost wet look as well as a beautifully tactile finish that is very durable.

Thanks for stopping by. Ill be sharing a few of my samples from the Hand Made Fair in the next few days. xx Hopefully you will  stop by again.

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  1. You have turned this ordinary table into something very beautiful!