Friday 7 November 2014

A Candle Stick Make Over Decoart Chalk Paints And Mixed Media Fluid Acrylics Step By Step Ageing

Afternoon all, I hope you are keeping well. With today's post I have done my usual stupid thing of not taking a before pic so I have improvised and found a picture that shows roughly the colour and finish of this wooden candle stick holder that I picked up in a charity shop, It was originally from Debenhams.

Ok, not the same but mine was the same dark brown colour and this is just to give you an idea of where I started ;)

Step one.
 The candle stick was given a good clean, with the Decoart Chalk Finish Paints you just need to make sure the surface is clean, the only sanding or prep work you would need to do is if the surface is flaky and lose.
Once clean I gave it two coats of Yesteryear to get a nice solid finish, The first coat can sometimes be thin and streaky especially if the surface is a high gloss, don't worry the first coat goes on and once dry gives the surface some tooth ready for the second coat.
A coat of Decoart's clear wax was then applied to seal the surface.Decoart's wax is a cream wax and non solvent based unlike many other chalk paint manufacturers so you can use it indoors with out getting headaches.

Step 2
I wanted a more aged look to my candle stick and using the Dark Wax from Decoart is the easiest way.If you want to use the darker waxes it is important to put a layer of clear wax on first other wise the dark wax can cause staining to the paint.I work fairly quickly with the dark waxes and I don't worry to much about brush strokes and direction, just make sure it is applied in all the low and hard to reach spots as this is where dirt will naturally collect over time.
Have some kitchen towel handy, with a piece this size by the time you get to the bottom with the dark wax you can start wiping it away. Keep removing the wax till you get the look you desire, If you take to much off you can simply apply more and repeat.
Let the wax dry thoroughly and to get a nice sheen to the finish buff with a clean colour free cloth.

Step 3.
I wanted a to take my ageing a step further and using the Decoart Media Fluids Carbon Black and Quinacridone Gold I added a couple of colour washes. The Media fluids are an artist quality pure pigment paint, no filler or bulking agents of any kind, this means they hold their colour even when heavily diluted, making them perfect for colour washes amongst many other mixed media and artistic ventures. You can find more projects with the media line on my other blog Speshink.

Thanks as always  for stopping by, your support is very much appreciated. xxx


  1. Candle stick looks fantastic Mark. will you be using this in your new home? I really do love the DecoArt products and have just got hold of some of the Misters :-)

  2. What a fantastic transformation Mark! Great explanation of how you achieved it too, thanks so much for sharing it. Anne x