Tuesday 1 April 2014

2 tables

Evening, Thanks for stopping by I have a couple of shabby tables to share. These were both picked up at one of my local charity shops.Both of these tables have been painted with the new Decoart Chalk Finish Paints. The first table was fairly rough, the varnish was flaking off etc.
I sanded back all the loose varnish to get a solid base and tested a little area to see if the wood or old stains would bleed through. I am glad I tested an area first as the paint started to turn yellow as the old varnish started to stain through.
I used the Stain blocker product in the range and coated the whole piece.  The table was then given a couple of coats of Vintage and left to dry. Using sand paper I started to distress the surfaces to reveal the wood underneath.
To finish of I gave it all two coats of the Soft Touch varnish to protect the finish and to give it a really nice tactile feel.

The smaller table was given two coats of Relic, a beautiful dark grey colour. 
(I promise I will start taking before shots from now on) 
I used The Flower Market stencil from the chalk range and used the Whisper colour paint stippled through. Once dry the whole table was given a little light distressing revealing some of the wood beneath and just scuffing the stencil to make it look worn.
To finish the table was given two coats of the clear wax.
I will be dropping both of these off at Lovingly Made next week where they will join my chairs. Hopefully they will find a good home soon.

As always thank you so much for stopping by. I love having you here. xxx


  1. How wonderful. Beautiful blog and the work is gorgeous. Looks like you are starting your own store..wisah I lived by you to shop. hahaha
    susan s

  2. Yay you let me in!!!! Lovely work Mark. x