Saturday 19 April 2014

Ally Pally and a Chalk Board

Thanks so much for stopping by,Life is all over the place at the moment as I am mid move and things are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
Last weekend (12&13) I was lucky enough to me at the big craft show in Ally Pally demoing the new Decoart chalk paints for Crafting Time I was there with Andy Skinner who was demoing the new Decoart Media line. 
In between making samples of tags and door hangers I found time to shabby up this chalk board.
The board started life as plain white with a fairly boring graphic over the top. It's Crafting Time's colours are Purple and Green so I had a starting point of where I was going to end up.
I started by giving the frame a coat of Relic and decided to use the Vaseline resist technique, for the second coat I used New Life and once dry wiped away the paint on the Vaseline covered areas, some more Vaseline and a top coat of Remembrance was applied. Once all was wiped back I decided I  wanted an even more distressed look so using my sanding block I went to town going through all the layers in places and giving a nice smooth finish.
I was lucky enough to get my mitts on a prototype stencil and added all the details using Relic and Lace sanding back once dry to stop the lettering looking to stark.

Before the Gates were opened (the calm before the storm)

I almost look like I know what I am doing ;)

As you can see Andy was kept busy as well.

It was a great weekend, the chalk paints went down really well as did the new media line which was great and it was so nice meeting so many people, putting people with their blogs and names to faces, I was even given a an incredibly tasty Cup Cake and card by Kerrie-Anne so thank you.


  1. Great photos Mark and I love the finish you have given the chalk board. Hope the move goes well and that you both feel settled and happy in the new place. Anne x

  2. Love your chalkboard Mark, it looks fab with those words and the great shabby background! Wonderful photos too, Andy being his usual serious self! T'was fun meeting you!

  3. Great to see you at the show, Mark - and looking forward to seeing lots more chalky creations now you're starting to unpack the craft stash!
    Alison xx